About the Organizers, EFFSAA

Who are we?

Effsaa-LogoEFFSAA is an association of professional logisticians striving since 1998, to achieve change in the sector of freight forwarding and shipping in Ethiopia.

In order to achieve change in any sector, collective heads of professionals makes great contribution to the development of the sector and the national standards of the sector in accordance to its needs and international norms.



Among many, our main goals are:

  • Setting standards to our industry
  • Improving capacities & competence levels
  • Sharing experiences
  • Arbitrating conflicts of finance and operations of different parties at different regions
  • Lobbying to the improvements and changes of policies
  • Partnering with all concerned networks & bodies in logistics

Our Goal

EFFSAA’s goals for the future include continuing developments, optimizations in the required processes and regulations in logistics to and from our nation and the region and to enhance regional and global networking of our members. Through our goals we have our responsibilities towards our members, community and the environment every day from new evidence. In order to do so in the future, we need more dedicated and powerful members in the logistics sector.


An association endlessly promoting the spirit of mutual respect, cooperation and assistance among members, the public and private sectors


To promote professionalism & excellence of the logistics industry through continuous learning and professional development