Registration Fee

International Registration Fee

  • $ 500 early bird by to end of March
  • Spouse $250
  • $ 600 up to end of April
  • $ 700 for May registrations
  • No Onsite registration

If you are interested in any of the tour packages, we request that you pay (for those needs payment) at the time of the registration. Registration is only confirm upon receipt of payment. Same with the tour packages and golf tournament. Please note that Registration Fee is Non-Refundable.

Local Registration Fee

  • For Members 5000 ብር
  • Accompanying Spouse 2500 ብር

Payment Method

To complete the registration process and confirmation you must make a payment using Direct Bank Transfer. Due to the not so simple logistics involved in using major credit cards with the Ethiopian financial institutions, we have picked Direct Bank Transfer (SWIFT), the better option, for easy payment online.

Bank of Abyssinia

Account Holder Name : Ethiopian Fright Forwarders and Shipping Agents Association.

Account No 4396502

Swift Code :  ABYSETAA

Branch: Airport Branch, Bank of Abyssinia, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Corresponding Banks:

Citi Bank N.Y New York
Swift Code: CITIUS33
Currency: USD

Commerzbank AG, Frankfurt

Swift Code: COBADEEF
Currency: USD/EURO

Citybank N.A. London

Currency: GBP