Special Tour Pakages

Activities Fee in USD
Golf Tournament Thursday at 9:00 AM 50.00

Tour Package

Walking tour in the City Center and the first hotel in Ethiopia Tayetu Hotel, Vegetable market developed during the Italian war that was (2 hours tour) $35.00 
Old town, municipality, Bole, Government huge housing construction that has expanded Addis to be thought of soon to be as one of the fifth largest city in Africa (2 hours tour) Complementary
Old and famous churches that tells the story of Addis and Ethiopia (2 and ½ Hours) 35.00
Anwar Masjid, the oldest mosque in Addis, to show the peaceful co-existence between the two major religions: Christian and Muslims and “Mercato”, the largest open market in Africa (3 hours) 50.00
Shopping for authentic Ethiopian Arts and crafts and garments, gift items Complementary
A visit to the National Museum where Lucy resides and Museum of Institute of Ethiopian Studies located in Addis Ababa University… the oldest and most popular University during the Halie Selassie time where many African leaders to be studied (2 hours) includes entrance fees $50.00

Special Tour outside Addis

A visit to the one of the oldest and most popular Monastery, “Debre Libanos” about four hours on Sunday 10:00 -15:00 H (light lunch included for 100 dollars) $ 100.00